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Kitchen Makeovers

Are you planning to replace your fitted kitchen units?

Before you do, why not consider the benefits of an alternative solution. A kitchen refurbishment - sometimes described as a kitchen makeover - is a popular choice when working to a limited budget, or when you want more for your money.

What is a kitchen makeover?

The concept is simple: we replace the doors and drawers of your existing kictchen, leaving the unit carcasses in place. The result is a beautiful new kitchen at a fraction of the cost of complete replacement.

There is often no benefit in replacing cupboard carcasses because their role is structural rather than decorative.

What are the benefits of a makeover?

What's included in a makeover?

As a minimum, kitchen makeovers include the repacement of door and drawer fronts. And these components, more than any other, give the greatest visual impact.

But there are a range of other options you may wish to consider:

Make your budget go further

And remember, what you save by re-using the cabinet carcasses may fund some luxuries that would otherwise be outside your budget.



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